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start for life- baby breastfeeding

Last Updated - May 20, 2024

Why breastfeed?

What happens in your baby’s first years has a big effect on how healthy they will be in the future. Mum’s milk gives your baby all the nutrients they need for around the first 6 months of life and it remains important, along with solid food, beyond 6 months. 

Image from Unicef UK Baby Friendly Initiative

Breastfeeding delivers many benefits including supporting close and loving relationships, improving maternal mental health and can reduce the risk of postnatal depression.

However you decide to feed your baby, 0 to 19 Torbay trained professionals will support your choice and will provide you with as much evidence-based information as you need to make your decision easier.

What’s in breastmilk? The CHILD Cohort Study takes a look

Through these close relationships, breastfeeding helps baby’s brain development and formation of a positive attachment. Breastfeeding also has numerous physical health benefits. In addition breastfeeding is environmentally friendly and saves your family time and money. 

Watch this video looking at the impact of infant feeding on the environment.

There’s lots of new research finding out more about the power of breastmilk – look at this fascinating insight into the baby’s microbiome.

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