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Privacy Policy

What We Collect

As a privacy statement, we collect some of your personal data which includes the following parts:

  • Your email address when you directly contact or leave any queries or feedback on our site.
  • Your postcode and address when you use Family Hub address or lookup functions.
  • When you sign up to our email, your email address and subscription preferences get saved for mail alerts and notifications.
  • How you use our emails – by opening them only or click on the given link.
  • Yours web browser’s details, its version or Internet Protocol (IP) address.
  • Information including, how you use the site, using types of cookies and page tagging techniques.

We also map up the Google Analytics where you provide your consent. Also, Google Analytics process information about:

  • the pages you visit on Family Hub
  • the time you spent on each page of Family Hub site
  • how you reach out the site
  • what you click on while revisiting the site

We also obtain identical information from government digital services. 

We ensure that Google Analytics data can not identify you directly using  ‘anonymisation’ feature for your security.

Why we need your data

In privacy terms, we collect your personal data to:

  • obtain feedback to improve our services and user experience.
  • replying to the feedback on user’s demand 
  • send email alerts to users as per their request
  • allow you to make easy transactions and access to government services.
  • providing information about local services
  • to identify security threats of the site
  • monitor the performance of the site to identify coding errors.

We collect and use the information we collect via Google Analytics and SpeedCurve RUM to view the way you use Family Hub site and to see the performance of the site on your device.

We do this to assist:

  • make sure Family Hub meet the needs of its users
  • make improvements related to site search
  • Improving performance, including load time and data usage

Our legal basis for processing data that belongs to you

The legal basis of accessing to the personal information for website security regarded as legitimate interests, and of our users to ensure the security and integrity of Family Hub.

The legal basis for accessing data collected with Google Analytics and SpeedCurve RUM on Family Hub and government digital services is your consent.

The legal basis for processing all other personal data is that it’s necessary:

  • to execute a task in the public interest
  • in the term of our functions as a government department

How we use your data

Collected data can be shared with other government bodies and departments. It can also be shared with hosting provider and technology suppliers.

In case, law asks us for your data, we will share it to prevent any consequences.

What we don’t:

  • share or sell your data to third parties
  • share your details with other parties for marketing

Users’ Rights

You have the following right to request

  • information on the processing of your personal data
  • personal data copy
  • immediate corrections in your personal data to update the false or old information.

User can also:

  • raise an objection if find any inaccuracy
  • request to erased your personal data in some specific cases where you find no justification.
  • asks for proceeding personal data in some restricted conditions.

If you have any queries and requests, feel free to contact with our Privacy Team.

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