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This statement follows the published content on the Family Hub. It doesn’t apply to other domains linked with this site. 

This website comes under the access of Government Digital Service. It aims to design so that a large number of people can use it easily. The font and text used should be clear and precise. The content is understandable. You should be able to:

  • zoom in text upto 300% for larger visibility without any hassle
  • navigate the website using keyboard
  • use speech recognition software to navigate website
  • use screen reader while using the website. 

How easily accessible this website is

Not all the parts of website are fully accessible. Here are some of the point to exemplify.

  • Language of some services and medical terms may be difficult to understand 
  • Some tables format doesn’t contain rows and headings
  • Colour contrast can be poor on some devices
  • Heading elements can be inconsistent
  • Some images can be without description
  • Buttons can be not working well to identify information
  • Documents are in PDF format might be not accessible.

Departments publishes and shared their content on the site are responsible for the information authenticity and accessibility. 

Family Hub Services

All the services mentioned on the site have their own accessibility page, along with the details of service accessibility. It consists of report problems and request information in an alternative format. Access these pages within the ‘Service’ from the footer.

Report accessibility Issue

If you find any of the trouble with our site’s accessibility that are not listed on this page or you think we haven’t meet that requirement. Contact us.

Enforcement Procedure

Not happy with our respond on your complaint related to our site’s accessibility, connect with Equality Advisory and Support Service (EASS). 

Technical Details Of Website Accessibility

The Government Digital Service is committed for website accessibility, in accordance with Public sector Bodies. 

Non-accessible content

The content mentioned below is non-accessible due to some reasons that are as follows.

  • Some tables format doesn’t contain rows and headings which means assistive technologies will not read table correctly. (info details)
  • Colour contrast can be poor on some pages. This fails WCAG 2.1 success criterion 1.4.1 (use of colour).
  • Heading elements can be inconsistent. Some pages have duplicate titles. Difficult to find the right content. (page titled)
  • Some images do not have suitable descriptions always. Use assistive technologies to convey the images. (non-text content)
  • Translation navigation is inconsistently named. (consistent Identification).

How we tested this website

We use the Website Accessibility Conformance Evaluation Methodolgy (WCAG-EM) approach to decide on a sample of pages to test. 

We also go through a a sample test of pages involved in applying for licences. 

What we do to improve website accessibility

 Following the audit conducted by DAC, departments and agencies works on fixing content to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2.1 AA standard.

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