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Cookies are basically the files saved on your device, such as phone, tablet or computer when you visit a website. 

Family Hub use these cookies to gather the information about your usage of this website and government digital services. It stores the information of the page, you visit. ‘Government digital services’ means any page url with service.gov.uk.

Here on this page, you’ll find all the brief information of all cookies we use. 

Cookie Settings

We use several types of cookie, you may choose the cookies as per your preference.

Cookies that measure website use

The cookies mentioned above collect information about:

  • how you reach out to these sites
  • the each page you visit and the time you spent on that particular page
  • what else you click while you’re visiting these sites

Google or Speed Cuve doesn’t have the permission to use or share the data about the way you use these sites. 

  • Use cookies to measure my website use
  • Do not use cookies to measure my website use

Cookies that supports our communications and marketing

These type of cookies are of third parties to measure your activity on viewing videos or youtube on our website.

  • Use cookies that allow communications and marketing.
  • Do not use cookies that allow communications and marketing. 

Cookies that keep your settings saved

These cookies remember your preferences to provide you with personalise experience while using the site.

  • Use cookies that remember my settings 
  • Do not use cookies that remember my settings

Essential Cookies

These necessary cookies use to remember your progress via a form, such as a licence application. 

‘This button will always seems ‘blue’ that means ON.’

There might be some additional cookies that might link with some images or heading links.

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