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Breastfeeding in the UK

Last Updated - May 14, 2024

Feeding cues

Your baby shows you signs to let you know when they are hungry. These are called feeding cues. These cues get stronger as your baby gets hungrier, until they cry as a last signal to you.

The more you get to know your baby, you’ll start to notice their personal feeding cues.

After a while you will be able to identify when your baby is hungry. Common signs are stirring, facial movements, eyes flickering, wriggling, moving head/mouth around, rooting for the breast, sucking fingers, crying.

If you notice these signs, try and feed your baby as soon as possible.

If your baby has started crying, they may be very upset which can be stressful and can make it more challenging to get them attached to the breast.

If this happens, take time to calm your baby down and then try again.

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