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Yum Project

Last Updated - May 24, 2024

Yum Project

YUM stands for YOU+US = MORE and incorporates a social supermarket and food-bank provision.

This mobile supermarket runs from a converted minibus reaching people who might find it hard to access current food support schemes in a fixed location.

Food items, personal items and household items are stocked, including packet, refrigerated and fresh produce, and even some items specifically for the newly-born and family pets.

It works on a renewable membership basis, that is means-tested to ensure those in most need receive the support they require.

⭐️ Monday 10am-12pm: Brixham Rugby Club, Brixham

⭐️ Tuesday 10am-12pm: Church 180, Paignton

⭐️ Wednesday 10am-12pm: All Saints, Torre

⭐️ Wednesday 1pm-3pm: St Andrew’s Methodist Church, Torquay

⭐️ Thursday 12pm-2pm: The Windmill Centre, Torquay

⭐️ Thursday 3pm-5pm: Bay Church, Paignton

⭐️ Friday 10am-12pm: Collaton St Mary, Paignton

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